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How to Plot a Novel

Plotting a novel is not an easy task. Students are often assigned with these assignments but they are not capable of how to plot a novel.  A book-length work can be a daunting prospect for any writer, but novice writers, in particular, will benefit from a tutor’s guidance and support. Our highly skilled instructors at essaysdoctor.com help students to map plot-lines, flesh out characters, establish the narrative voice, sketch trajectories of conflict and resolution, and sharpen language and style at the sentence level. The following are the goals of a novel plotting program:

1.    Build the student’s core writing skills.

2.    Provide the student with the structure, encouragement, and accountability necessary to sustain a long-form fiction project.

3.    Develop a working outline for the student’s novel.

4.    Complete the second draft of Chapter One (and first drafts of subsequent chapters as appropriate).

Our creative writing programs are ideally suited for enrichment, either as extracurricular activities during the school year or as a way to keep students intellectually engaged during the long break from school. In addition to exercises on the story, character, conflict, and prose style, the student generates an outline for his or her book and a solid draft of the first chapter. This is a common mistake that the students usually make due to poor planning to outline your novel.

 It is only our firm that has a solution for you. All the experts in our company are MA and Ph.D. graduates from world class universities such as Harvard University and Oxford University. We are proud to announce that there is no question related to novel plotting can lack a solution in our hands. This has been achieved through our qualified novel plotting tutors. We emerge to be the only firm with specialists from different countries e.g. the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia. This fact means that all our writing experts have excellent English command. It's vital for writing and for online communication with students.

Additionally, they are very attentive to details and follow custom instructions in a careful way. This means that that you will always enjoy the cooperation with them. We have a team of great supporters in our company. They are always ready to assist with any kind of help you need. They can help you for 24/7 thus multiplying our convenience. You should not be shy when asking questions about our services in novel plotting for we have informative answers to all of them. We also confirm that your work is well edited through before it lands into your hands. Moreover, your work is always submitted to you before the set deadline. If you are in need of novel plotting services, contact us now for more information. Visit our website for novel plotting help if you want to boost your grade in novel plotting.

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